A partnership among Big Sky organizations dedicated to being a resource for creating a fire-safe, water-wise, and ecosystem-friendly future.

Smarter landscaping. Thriving landscapes.

Our Partnership's Mission

With a changing climate, increased wildfire risk, threatened water quality and supply, the spread of invasive species, and ongoing development, Big Sky’s diverse alpine terrain requires a better approach than thirsty, maintenance-intensive lawns.

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Big sky insights:

The Alpenscapes solution is simple: native and sustainable landscaping that thrives in Big Sky, to help Big Sky thrive.

About Alpencapes​

Alpenscapes is a partnership formed by four existing organizations to be the go-to source of information on sustainable landscaping in Big Sky. We believe in a future where water-wise, wildfire-resistant, and wildlife-friendly landscaping is the norm. The Alpenscapes partnership is dedicated to helping nature and the Big Sky community not only coexist, but flourish alongside one another.

Through free resources, education, and community engagement, the Alpenscapes collaborative initiative will inspire livable landscapes for a more sustainable, resilient Big Sky for both people and nature.

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