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Landscaping in Big Sky

know why we're different

What's Different About Big Sky?

Our unique location and rich landscape requires community-wide stewardship to maintain these natural resources for future generations. Yet being good stewards doesn’t mean not having a visually appealing, high-functioning and lower-maintenance outdoor space.

Alpenscapes offers holistic and beautiful landscape approaches that are fire-safe, water-wise, and ecosystem-friendly. 


Discover More: Getting Started on Landscapes in Big Sky

Learn more about why planting native is important. To make it easy, we’ve also compiled a list of the Top 10 Plants for Big Sky.

Download our detailed spreadsheet of the best plants for local landscapes in Big Sky with specifics on their care, benefits, and growth patterns.

  1. Climate Variability: From water availability to plant life, and wildlife behavior, Big Sky’s climate variability requires adaptive landscapes and conservation strategies.
  2. Water Resource Management: Our community’s survival depends on the delicate balance of snowpack levels (that replenishes our drinking water supply) and the efficient use of available water. Learn more about water-wise practices here.
  3. Wildfire Preparedness: Fueled by longer fire seasons and fuel-loaded forests, wildfire risks demand defensible space, fire-resistant species, and land practices that mitigate risk to our homes. Learn more about fire-resistant landscaping here.
  4. Noxious Weeds: Noxious weeds reduce local biodiversity and forage availability for wildlife and can increase erosion. We must actively manage noxious weed species to protect Big Sky’s habitats and biodiversity. Learn more about how to manage noxious weeds here.

ready to dig in?

The Alpenscapes Landscaping Guidelines

Ready to dig in? Download our landscaping guidelines for detailed information on everything from how to get started to how to maintain a thriving fire-safe, water-wise and ecosystem-friendly Big Sky landscape.

Looking for building guidelines? Check out Big Sky Fire’s website for details.