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Weed Management

noxious weeds

Managing Noxious Weeds: Top 10 Things to Consider

Oxeye Daisy
Musk Thistle
Hoary Alyssum

4 weed control strategies

Integrated Weed Management

Consider using one or more weed control strategies for more effective and economical weed prevention.

1.) Mechanical Control:

Includes the physical methods used to remove weeds such as mowing before flowering, cultivation, and hand pulling for tap-rooted plants.

2.) Cultural Control:

This involves modifying the landscape to create conditions less favorable for weeds and more favorable for desired plants.

3.) Chemical Control:

This refers to the use of herbicides to manage and reduce weed populations. To be effective, the specific chemistry for the specific weed must be used at a specific time in the plant’s life cycle.

  • Roundup is NOT effective nor recommended for noxious weed management.
  • Herbicides can be a highly effective tool if used properly, but can have negative consequences if not.
  • Connect with experts about herbicide selection, timing and safety precautions to ensure success.

4.) Biological Control:

Focuses on using natural enemies of the weed to suppress them. Due to Big Sky’s location, elevation and short growing season, using most biological control agents has not been found to be very effective. Research efforts are ongoing, and if new agents become available, Grow Wild will be a source for information.

Canada Thistle
Yellow Toadflax
Spotted Knapweed

Need Help With Noxious Weeds?

Noxious weed management is complex and requires a comprehensive long term plan. Get informed to ensure success.

Visit Grow Wild’s website for more details.

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