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Visually Appealing Landscapes That Are Firewise, Water-Wise And Ecosystem-Friendly

Designing a visually appealing landscape that also incorporates firewise, water-wise and ecosystem-friendly elements might seem like an impossible dream.

But that’s exactly why the Alpenscapes partnership was created.

If being firewise or water-wise is a top priority for you, keep in mind that being focused on one does not mean having to give up the other. Your landscape can be both – while also using native and sustainable plants – resulting in an easier-to-maintain and an aesthetically pleasing property.


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Learn more about our Firewise, Water-Wise and Native-Centric Design Approach here.

1.) Proper Identification: Learn to correctly identify weeds and take action.
2.) Understand Weed Biology: Get to know the life cycles of noxious weeds and how they spread (roots, seeds, or both) as that dictates how they are managed.
3.) Implement Integrated Weed Management: Combine methods of management for best results.
4.) Encourage Healthy Plant Communities: Select plant species that support the ecosystem and can compete with weeds.

Learn more about managing weeds.

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The alpenscapes landscaping guidelines

Detailed information on everything from how to get started to how to maintain a thriving fire-safe, water-wise and ecosystem-friendly Big Sky landscape.

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