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Install & Maintain

install & maintain your landscape

What's the best time to plant in Big sky?

The best times to plant in Big Sky are in the Spring and Fall. This allows the roots to establish before extreme temperatures set in during the summer and winter months.

Download the Alpenscapes Landscaping Guidelines for details.


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To make it easy, we’ve also compiled a list of the Top 7 Things To Do.

Click here to see Managing Noxious Weeds: The Top 10 Things To Consider, and also also learn about 4 specific weed control strategies for more effective and economical weed prevention. 

Use our guidelines to ensure your landscape continues to be firewise, water-wise and native-friendly.

Explore our list of local landscapers and suppliers. They have vast knowledge of Big Sky’s challenges and can help you create an outdoor space that is both appealing and aligned with our ecosystem. 

Smarter landscaping. Thriving landscapes. Picturesque spaces.

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The alpenscapes landscaping guidelines

Detailed information on everything from how to get started to how to maintain a thriving fire-safe, water-wise and ecosystem-friendly Big Sky landscape.

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